Annoyed I suppose; but there’s always Tomorrow..

I have explained as much as explaining can do… I am never exhausted explaining but I am getting exhausted explaining to the same people the same things the same day. Please if youre going to ask and really be interested to learning about Lorenzo and CF, then for freakin sakes LISTEN!!!!! It may not seem as though it is a big deal now but its not a matter of if its a matter of when. And being that I can sit here and tell you that I cherish each day because I know that as each day passes our days of easy living are slipping away. Scary to think that what I know is to come surfaces right around the corner. Do I want to be morbid, for freak sake NO. CF does not rule us, trust me everyday we learn something new from Lorenzo. Hes the best teacher, yet. CF will never run us. I dont need your sympathy talks or suggestions. WE got this.. and will continue to walk with CF as opposed to it walking us. With that said I do need for people to understand the severity of their child having a simple “sinus congestion” can cause my son to have far worse and pay for it in the most unjust way than just taking allergy medications.

So tonight I thought I would grace tumblr with a poem.. A free write poem but one that crossed my mind today… Again thank you for reading. Support research and funding to find a cure…. Donate to, follow me on twitter @Cf_momslove, and most of all educate yourself on Cystic Fibrosis than share it with someone else…

Through his eyes alone

by Biancca Morris


I see you breathing hard

I see you taking pills and doing treatments

I see struggle

YOU see fun times

I see the explanations and discriminations

I see the multiple visits

I see the masks and the IVs

YOU see meeting new people

I see the good days

I see the bad

I have the crying red eyes

I have the heavy heart

I have the guilt

YOU see the bright sun of each day

YOU have laughing eyes and the brightest of smiles EVERYDAY

YOU have the heart of gold and as light as feathers

YOU have the innocence of no blame

Through your eyes I see that life is what you make it and everyday counts so make it worth the living.

Thank you Lorenzo, Our “sunshine”!!!!

— Momma

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About Don B

Father of four. Youngest son has Cystic Fibrosis. Dedicated to spreading awareness, and educating people on this illness. Follow me on Twitter @BlkScorp33

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