I’m sorry to hear that…

@CysticTeenLife “Anyone else get pissed off when people say “I feel sorry for you” when you tell them you have CF?”

So as I was going through my twitter feed the other day that tweet stuck out at me. I pondered this question for awhile and this is what I think.

Although I may not have CF, my son does. And yes it bothers me when people say “I’m sorry!” What are you sorry for?

I am not going to say that sometimes this illness does not weigh on me. It smacks me in the face all the time. I know what the end results are. I know the future we have to look forward to. Yes, things are somewhat easy now, but I know that they will get harder as the days go on and my son gets older.

I don’t ask anyone to feel sorry for my son or us. I don’t ask anyone for their pity. All I want is for my followers on Twitter and here, to actually educate themselves on what Cystic Fibrosis is. Learn about the illness, test yourself and children to see if you are a carrier (1 in 30 people in the US are). I also ask you to sign the Donor Registry list, as many CF patients will need organ transplants in their life.

I don’t feel sorry, because I believe all my children are blessings to me. Lorenzo just has a special twist to him. He was given to me for a purpose. At first I did not know that purpose, but after learning more about the illness; I now know what that purpose is. Lorenzo was given to me so I could see my way through this life. He was given to me to change my ways, to push me to become a better father. He was given to me to pursue a better life for all my children. He was given to me so I could become an advocate for CF and organ donation. He was given to me so that I could bring light to this illness. He was given to me so that I could be a voice. But, above all he was given to me so that I could love and cherish every moment I have with him.

So, please do not feel sorrow or pity for me or my son. Do not feel sorry for what we go through on a daily basis. Instead get out educate yourselves, ask me questions about CF. Sign the Organ Donor list, and donate to CFF.org or CFTrust.org to help fund research for an illness that takes to many of our young ones from us.

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About Don B

Father of four. Youngest son has Cystic Fibrosis. Dedicated to spreading awareness, and educating people on this illness. Follow me on Twitter @BlkScorp33

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