What is normal?

HA! So at the clinic we get asked, “Do you think this is normal for a kid his age?” “Does his poop sink or float?” “Do you think he coughs more than usual kids?” “Does his poop stink?”

Ok so maybe I am confused. I thought he was normal. I thought that #TeamLorenzo was just fine the way we were. Apparently I was misunderstanding or maybe I am still caught in my “once in a while denial” phases. I happen to think that for a 16mo old he is very active and damn near tires me out before the day even ends. I happen to think that he can keep up with the best of them and run around until his legs fell off. Maybe I am a bit too optimistic. I know that things could get worse as time goes by but dag gone it, I would rather sit here and think that our son is as normal as normal can be.

I mean where do I start. Do I think that the activity he is involved in and the nature of his “wall bouncing” is normal. Dag Gone right I do. Because when it comes down to Lorenzo and playing with his cousins, Sorry folks, HE WINS. He laughs normal and runs around just to give me a heart attack.

Now don’t get me wrong I love our clinic team. We couldn’t have made it this far doing this good without either of them. The U of M and AI DuPont gave of the momentum and encouragement to continue to do what we do. Which I think is just simply plain LOVE. LOVE conquers everything; illness, sadness, guilt, etc. So we do a good job because we LOVE the hell out of this kid and he knows it too. But sometimes I think that clinic can ask some really funky questions which make me second guess whether I think I am raising him to be normal or to be a worry wort.

I could sit here and tell you stories about his poop. How when we started we went from one extreme to another. But at first we were budding parents and EVERYTHING was stinky and mushy. Now EVERYTHING is still stinky but its clumpy or its “nugget balls”. I happen to think its normal. But what I didn’t know is that the question of whether it sinks or floats is important. Who would have thought that sinking and floating poop makes a difference. In the CF world it does apparently and guess what folks; He’s got sinkers… LOL (One day he will very mortified by this blog post… bawahahahahahaha) But anyway it stinks normal to me and it looks normal to me.

So WHAT IS NORMAL? I think normal is in the eye of the beholder. The person carrying the soul and mind around for others to see. Normal is not what others think its what the person feels on the inside. Spiritually, mentally, physically, etc normal can mean so much. To me and Lorenzo the breathing treatments and pills are normal, normal in the fact that its something he doesn’t go without so its apart of who he is. Eating lots of food that’s high in calorie is normal to CF patients. Because they have been doing it for so long it would look weird to see a CF patient eating once a day and just eating carrots and nuts.

So….. WHAT IS NORMAL? I happen to think that whatever you make life is what your normal is. Our normal for the rest of our lives on this earth is to raise awareness about CF and walk this journey with our son hand in hand and step by step. That is OUR NORMAL. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

As always thanks for reading. We love the support and sincerity from our supporters. CF is our world and though we may not have chosen it, there is no way we would give it up or ever regret it. Please don’t be afraid to read about Cystic Fibrosis. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Instead of feeling sorry or wanting to know what you could do for our son. Dudes! Donate! Its that simple. Donate to find the cure. Donate to make CF stand for Cure Found. Be an organ donor. What you can no longer house allow someone else to house it for you and keep it safe. Thank you Thank you Thank you

CFF.ORG to donate. Follow me on Twitter @cf_momslove. I live eat and breathe CF awareness. Definitely!!!! *Breathe Easy* CFers a cure is sure to come.

— B


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