Bring On the New Year!! CF BITE ME!!!

AND so 2013 slowly approaches… I mean the year went by so fast.. Baby boy turned 1 and momma turned 30 good gracious. CF reared its ugly face to us. And the saying, “Its not IF its WHEN”, truly hit us. So now we stare down the throat of CF, grab it by the tonsils, and tell it to remember whose the boss. CF doesn’t rule our lives and it never will. Lorenzo is a bright kid and I happen f to think that when he becomes more aware of his illness, he too will learn how to grab CF by the tonsils and tell it whose boss.

As the New Year approaches I am trying to think of ways to make 2013 better, and frankly I can’t think of any ways because the way my road is going I haven’t got a reason for change or anything to fix. I just hope that our awareness brings more people to learn, understand and help to #cureCF. Nothing I want more this 2013 than to make life easier for my baby boy. But I know that time is the true fate dealer and we just have to play the cards wisely.

I have looked and looked at our son and at the man that truly makes me happy. Cystic Fibrosis really thought that by creeping on us like a stealth ninja, we wouldn’t fight back. Well hear we are still standing still fighting, taking each punch and throwing two back. I have often wondered what we would be like if CF had not entered our lives. Here is what I have come up with:
1. We would be ignorant to those 70,000 that silently fight and silently become victorious or legendary.
2. We would not have completely understood nor appreciated the true meaning of life.
3. We would not have been blessed to know so many “Cysters” and “Fibros” or the parents of little CFWarriors through the twitter cfcommunity.
and last but not least…….
4. We would probably be the most stuck up ignorant taking life for granted parents, EVER!!!
So I’m glad that GOD gave us a challenge, the two of us needed it and CF needed an extra voice or three to make some noise and kick its butt down!!! I’m so excited for the new year. Although I may be fearful sometimes, I’m ready to rock another year with Lorenzo and Don in our journey of some Cystic Fibrosis ass kicking.

I especially want to thank all of you for following, reading, and supporting our rants. I want to thank the CF communiy as always for being there at every turn. Our families and friends have been nothing but full of support and understanding. BRING IT ON 2013!!!! We are prepared and ready to tackle. CF you can kiss our butts cus you are GOING DOWN!!!

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help find a cure donate at
become an organ donor and register, don’t keep yourself from saving another.




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