Why is it that when you feel like you are doing everything you can possibly do to take care of someone you love sooo much, it turns out to not be enough. It turns out to just lead to all the wrong things.

I am prepared and ready to tackle CF at all times, but sometimes just sometimes it feels like all it does is toy with us and the more we prevent the more it seems to be catching us by surprise with little hiccups. I don’t know if any of you know how extremely hard it is to fight a battle with only an army of three. Pretty fuggin hard…

I wish I could just grab all the illness he will ever face and all the bacteria he will ever come in contact with and bottle it up inside me.. Wish I could make every bump and hiccup seem like nothing.. SHIT!!! I wish I could just give him my lungs and shower him with a healthy immune system for all eternity, but who am I kidding.

At this point I just wanna punch GOD in the face right now… Just one good jab.. Lorenzo is a blessing no doubt about that but for all intensive purposes I think I have a right to be angry w GOD and wanting to punch his lights out.

Well anyway I hope and I pray that I can keep the strength and be a rock for my family.. But it sure is getting hard…

As always thanks for reading… Help to cure CF… Become an organ donor and this year participate in the Great Strides walk near you for Lorenzo and others like him.. Want more info please contact one of us.. @blkscorp33 or @cf_momslove… We are Lorenzo’s Lung Warriors and we are going to fight this….

Remember to love love love… Live live live… And laugh out loud…


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