CF, Blehhhhhhh.. NOT HERE!!!

"A Pure Joy to Our Hearts"

“A Pure Joy to Our Hearts”

CF clearly does not know who it is messing with when it comes to this little bruiser. So I say: Beware of this guy, do not let his mucus cough, nose running, congestion chest rattle, fool you. He is definitely not one to mess with. We wear body armor in our house… 😀

So is it allergies……??

Ok.. Tonight I have to set the record straight. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP ASKING ME IF ITS ALLERGIES!!!!

If we have explained to you that he has CF and what CF is, then daggone it please stop asking what is wrong with him and if he has allergies. No he does not have allergies. Maybe he is allergic to your stupidity, did you ever think about that one, dummy?? He is congested yes and he has mucus yes. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! he is 18mo he does not have the ability to cough up the “crud” like you and I. If he could you dang right I would be on him to cough it up. If you have/had a bacteria today or four days ago, wear a blasted mask. Because you think you feel better does not mean the bacteria is gone and is non transferable. Please let’s not be ignorant.

Just because Lorenzo was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, does not:

1. mean he is special needs, so stop categorizing him as special needs. “Special” yes, ‘specially driving us to send him to an athletic camp RIGHT NOW.  (Laugh my a** off, that is serious huh?)

and 2. mean he needs you to baby him like he has the plague because if you really cared you would take the necessary precautions to not make him sick.

Donny and I have successfully, for 18mo, conquered each hurdle of CF with Lorenzo. We have all worked together to take CF by the reigns and show it who is boss. We do not need any extra advice from someone who lacks the mental capacity to even pay attention to the importance of the words BACTERIA-FREE. It is with bitter-sweet rejoicing that we pride ourselves on how healthy he is and that he has been able to avoid the long hospital stays. We are aware that his time will come and so we brace ourselves for that moment. But if we can prolong it, HELL we will take every precaution we can. We realize that there are others in our CF community that are not doing so well and with heavy hearts we pray for them everyday. That’s a true family!!!

So is Lorenzo doing well right now? For us he is doing good. He has congestion and mucus but that comes with the territory of CF and we know this. Does it stop him from being our “little monster”? HELL NO!!!!! It probably never will. Literally I am almost positive he will be so active that I will be soccer mom, baseball mom, track mom, football mom, and I will bring all the treats. LOL Well yea I guess I will bring all the treats because Lorenzo needs the calories and I need the stress relief… (sorry that was a side thought) *Another side thought: Would that then make me the bad sports mom because I bring all the snacks? Guess I am going to have to learn to be mindful of others diets.. O my! (Not my fault my son can eat pretty much anything and everything, with little moderations)*

Anyway its just frustrating to have to constantly remind people that he has a terminal illness and what does not seem like a big deal infection to you could mean life or death to him. LITERALLY!!!

As always thanks guys for reading, it means alot to us to have followers and people who care to learn about our daily journey with CF. The book is coming along. Probably going to add in tweets from followers and do a question/answer session on the blog.

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